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Wilson Auditorium

Cincinnati, Ohio

Wilson Auditorium sat prominently on Clifton Avenue on the University of Cincinnati campus, between McMicken Hall and the DAAP Building, from 1931 until its demolition in 2013. The building once housed a large auditorium, as well as four floors of support spaces and a wing full of classrooms. Overall, there were nearly 100 rooms and the building consisted of approximately 40,000 gross square feet of usable space.

Wilson was originally constructed in 1931 to house the University of Cincinnati's theatrical performances, as well as lectures and speeches. The building was built from funds donated by Judge Obed Wilson, and was named in commemoration of him. The architecture firm Fechheimer & Ihorst (who also designed the pavilion at Ault Park, and now demolished Beecher Hall) was responsible for the design. The building was a fine example of Art Deco ornamentation, a style that was popular during the time of construction.

A sculptor by the name of Clement J. Barnhorn was responsible for the impressive reliefs that adorned the facades of Wilson Hall. Masters of theater and oration were carved into the heavy limestone sections of the building. UC Magazine points out that several other buildings on UC's campus contain similar carvings, for example the names of famous scientists adorn the facade of neighbering Braunstein Hall.

Wilson Hall was unused from 2004 until its demolition in 2013. Current plans call for a new College of Arts & Sciences building on the site of the former Wilson Auditorium. Schematic plans are available in the master plan (which is available via the University Library in DAAP).

Wilson Auditorum

The exterior facade of Wilson Auditorium.

Wilson Auditorum

Wilson Auditorium lobby.

Wilson Auditorum

View from the auditorium roof.

Wilson Auditorum

The interior of the abandoned auditorium.

Wilson Auditorum

The former music library.

Wilson Auditorum

A typical hallway in the backstage/classroom wing of the auditorium building.

Wilson Auditorum

A former dressing room.

Wilson Auditorum

The projection booth.

Wilson Auditorum

Another view of the abandoned music library within the auditorium.

Wilson Auditorum

Some of the abandoned classrooms were once used by the nearby architecture school.

Wilson Auditorum

An abandoned dressing room.

Wilson Auditorum

A flashlit long exposure of the dark, abandoned auditorium.

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