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St. George Fire

Cincinnati, Ohio - February 2008

On Friday, February 1, 2008 a fire began in the west steeple of the 135 year old St. George church. A work light that had been left on earlier in the day heated a set of old curtains to their burning point. The flames spread, and eventually destroyed both steeples. However, the remainder of the building was saved. The building had ceased utilization as a church, and had been used on occasion as a community meeting space since 1994. Although the building was fully insured, only minor stabilization repairs have been made as of today.

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The steeples of St. George quickly caught fire.

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St. George burning behind neighborhood buildings.

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A crowd gathers to watch despite the below freezing temperatures.

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A cross atop the eastern steeple topples off.

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Debris burns and falls off the steeples of St. George.

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The Cincinnati Fire Department was able to stop the flames from spreading beyond the two steeples.

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The fire is extinguished in one steeple, but burns on in the other.

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The nearly fully extinguished fire.

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