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Rooftops of Mill Creek

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Mill Creek Valley was once the cradle of Cincinnati's booming industrial scene. Today, many of the once proud factories sit empty and abandoned, sometimes lightly used for storage or other questionable purposes. These buildings are only a few of the many examples that line the Mill Creek and Interstate 75 corridor for several miles north of the Ohio River. For obvious reasons I will withhold the particulars concerning these buildings.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

An active rail spur runs behind an abandoned warehouse.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

Former office/lab area of one of the abandoned plants.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

Rooftops of a connected complex of warehouses and factories.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

Looking at an abandoned factory adjacent to an active one.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

View of a room inside one of the abandoned plants.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

View up a ladder to one of the factory rooftops along the Mill Creek.

Rooftops of Mill Creek

View of a train passing by the abandoned factories, on one of Cincinnati's busiest rail lines.

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