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by Zach Fein

"What else can we do but carry within us all these images of the city, or pre-exisitng architecture and building forms and building materials; the smell of asphalt and car exhaust and rain, and to use our pre-existing reality as a starting point and to build our architecture in pictorial analogies?" - Jacques Herzog

Below are galleries of some architectural photography I've done over the years. Some of the greatest lessons in architecture can be learned from observing the spaces around you wherever you go. The following image galleries consist of photography of cities in general, as well as specific sites. Many of the sites are dilapidated, unused, and forgotten. Their status as abandoned places can offer valuable insight, and perhaps inspire architects. This section of the site is being constantly updated as I photograph various places of interest.

Crosley Building Snapshot

The Crosley Building

Cincinnati Subway Snapshot

The Cincinnati Subway

Abandoned City of Detroit Snapshot

Special Section: City of Detroit

Indiana Army Ammunition Plant Snapshot

Indiana Army Ammunition Plant

Rooftops of Mill Creek Snapshot

Rooftops of Mill Creek

Hudepohl Brewery Snapshot

The Hudepohl Brewery

Glencoe Place Snapshot

Glencoe Place

CL&N Tunnel Snapshot

The CL&N Tunnel

St. George Fire Snapshot

St. George Fire

First German Reformed Church Snapshot

First German Reformed Church

The Square Snapshot

The Square

The Auditorium Snapshot

The Auditorium

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