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The Viaduct Park

2010 University of Cincinnati Studio Project

The City of Cincinnati describes the Western Hills Viaduct as needing replacement by 2015, but the new Interstate 75 plans do not address the interchange or the Viaduct itself. As the southern boundary of Camp Washington and a historic piece of transportation architecture, the Viaduct is admired by local citizens. However, the bridge is inadequate in terms of its fulllment of modern vehicular and pedestrian standards, and the structure itself is beginning to show signs of age.

The conceptual design for The Viaduct Park calls for a landscaped promenade atop the old viaduct; a new viaduct would be constructed to the north. This would improve traffic flow, connect existing and proposed green space, encourage development, and provide connections between existing communities. The funding for the Viaduct Park would come from a combination of private donations and public moneys from the City of Cincinnati. The public expenditure is justied byseveral key points:

The first phase of the High Line Park in New York City was recently completed, and can serve as a precedent example for the Viaduct Park. The popular new park was built on an aging, abandoned elevated freight rail line. The design reects the views and urban spaces beneath the elevated line. The combination of public and private funding, as well as the return on investment observed since completion are also precedents in terms of financial strategies.

The Viaduct park was designed as an architectural contribution to a master framework plan for the neighborhood around it. The Framework plan was a collaborative effort amongst myself and a group of urban planning and engineering students. The poster below is the product of the collaboration. The individual project labeled "D" on the Framework is the location of The Viaduct Park.

The Viaduct Park

Render of The Viaduct Park from a street crossing beneath it.

The Viaduct Park

Site plan of the Viaduct Park and reconstructed bridge to the north.

The Viaduct Park

Rendering of the park from above, with the skyline of downtown Cincinnati beyond.

The Viaduct Park

Rendering of the park from the eastern end of the bridge.

The Viaduct Park

Rendering of the park looking west from a nearby hillside.

The Viaduct Park

The overall proposal poster for The Viaduct Park

The Viaduct Park

The neighborhood framework plan of which the Viaduct Park was a part.

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