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Miscellaneous Design Work

Various Dates and Locations

This section of the site contains samples of several smaller, older projects, as well as some examples of professional experience. The captions below each image provide descriptions of each individual project.

Cincinnati Branch Library

This studio project was completed during a quarter long (3 month) introduction and exploration of architectural concepts, and was the first architectural design studio undertaken in school. The project consisted of the design of a public branch library located in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati. The library focused on the connection between the site and a nearby park – in general the activities one does in these spaces, conceptually the interconnectivity of knowledge and leisure, and physically the views linking the spaces. The building itself is an exploration of the line that divides these concepts.

Cincinnati Branch Library

The design process of the library involved rapid production of physical models in order to study the building's form.

Directional Bench

This project entailed the design and construction of a piece of furniture. The design I worked on was for a bench; it was inspired by the simplicity of the Platform Bench designed by George Nelson, but takes that concept and furthers it, manipulationg the simplicity in a complilcated way.

Directional Bench

A photograph of the fully built bench.

Directional Bench

Presentation sheet detailing the design of the bench.

Directional Bench

Presentation sheet detailing the construction of the bench.

Greenhills Streetscape

This studio project dealt with the study of a small suburban community near Cincinnati: Greenhills. I studied the main thoroughfare through the town, and proposed a series of interactions between the town and main street. The image above is one example of a sculptural element that evokes a sense of place.

Professional Experience

This rendering is of a proposed community hospital building that included both urgent care and research facilities. This was done as part of a professional project that has sense been put on hold.

Professional Experience

This rendering shows the typical conditions of the interior of a research lab building. It was done as part of a professional project, and the project has since been built.

Professional Experience

This rendering was done as part of a competition for an addition/renovation of a 1950's era modernist office complex. The lobby serves as a focal point and main entry, and also joins two separate buildings.

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