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Northside Home

2007 University of Cincinnati Studio Project

This studio project consisted of one phase of research, and two phases of design. The research was done by dividing the site analysis into five broad concepts, and working in teams of three. The first phase of design was done in teams of five, one member from each of the site analysis groups. It focused on rejuvenating a run-down city block in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The program called for public green space, and five new residential units. After the block proposal was made, the project focused on the residential units. Individually, each member designed a home for a specific family, while communicating with the rest of the group in order to achieve consistency amongst the design.

Northside Home

Rendering of the front of the home at night.

Northside Home

Interior rendering.

Northside Home

Axonometric view of the ground floor.

Northside Home

Axonometric view of the second floor.

Northside Home

Interior view - kitchen.

Northside Home

Axon view of the home, within the group site design project.

Northside Home

Street level view of the home.

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