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by Zach Fein

As a student at the University of Cincinnati and during my three years of professional experience, I have engaged in a breadth of architectural projects. My personal experience ranges from home designs that have been built and occupied, to theoretical wellness retreats and monasteries, and on to the study of abandoned and decaying urban sites. During my work experience at three major architectural firms, as well as time spent with the Cincinnati Community Design Center, I have worked on design teams through all phases of design and construction administration, on projects ranging from religious and educational to research laboratories and clinical spaces to retail environments. The galleries linked below contain a few samples and descriptions of some of my key projects, both scholastic and professional.

For a more concise and organized collection of work samples, view the PDF version of my portfolio.

Aesthetic of Decay Snapshot

Thesis: Aesthetic of Decay

The Viaduct Park Snapshot

The Viaduct Park

Crosley Annex / Urban Design Snapshot

Crosley Annex / Urban Design

OTR: Sustainable Preservation Snapshot

OTR: Sustainable Preservation

Buddhist Monastery Snapshot

Buddhist Monastery

Wellness Retreat Snapshot

Wellness Retreat

Habitat for Humanity Design/Build Snapshot

Habitat for Humanity Design/Build

Northside Home Snapshot

Northside Home

Miscellaneous Design Snapshot

Miscellaneous Design Work

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