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Architecture - Photography: Zach Fein

by Zach Fein

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Zach Fein is an architect and photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP, School of Architecture and Interior Design for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. This page serves as an online portfolio of works, and is divided into three main sections: architecture projects undertaken at school and in practice, photographs taken for professional or portfolio works, and a research blog that contains years of research and a final thesis concerning abandoned, forgotten, and decaying architecture; the links below lead to each respective section of the website: Architecture, Photography, and the Blog.

Aside from the comprehensive online galleries, a smaller, more concise work sample is also available as a PDF. To view this version, use the "View Online Portfolio" link to the right. A resume is also available upon request, contact Zach Fein via email if you're interested. Because of the amount of personal information it contains, it has been password protected.

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